La Paloma Oceanfront Retreat & Art Centre
Las Cabañas No.13
San Patricio - Melaque, Jalisco, 48980, Mexico

Loyalty Discount

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Loyalty discounts !!!

For all guests that choose to visit year after year, you are eligible for promotional discount off the nightly rate. This discount is only for consecutive visits and year skip renders discount invalid. Discount percentage depends on the length of stay and is at hotels discretion.

*** Not valid with other promotions.

Recommendation Program

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Recommendation Reward Points

Recommend us to your friends.
For every week (7 nights) your friend reserves, you receive 1 free night (1 point) on your next reservation. For a recommendation to be valid, you must know personal information regarding the reservation such as travel dates and full name of the person(s) you recommended us too. Other questions may be asked.
This program may be used in co-ordinance with the loyalty program however not valid with other promotions. Points may be accumulated and have a validity of up to 1 year.

Recommendations are based on reservations that have visited in the previous year. Reservations more than 1 year old, may not be accumulated.

To be used anytime not including months of Sept, Oct, Jan or Feb.