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Frequent Questions and Answers

Do you accept pets?
Ricardo´s Hideaway (Casita) will accept small dogs. Clean up is the guest’s responsibility. Deposit of $500.00 MXN required incase of damages.

Do you have hair dryers?
We are a casual place, you may bring one if you like.

Do you accept children?
We do during the summer season :)

Do you accept credit cards?
We accept credit card payments through paypal for reservation payments only. Cash only for bar or room charge payments.

Is there a bank close by?
Yes. Banamex is convenient located 6 blocks from us and Intercam 4 blocks.

How much does it cost from the Manzanillo Airport by taxi?
550 pesos from the airport and 380 pesos going to the airport.

In what currency do we pay our final bill?
All final bills on the property are to be paid in MXN pesos cash.

Is there a safe in our room?
All rooms are equipped with a lock drawer to store your personal belongings. We also have a safe in the office.

Is there internet access?
Wifi access is free in all studios.

How far from town are you?
Four – five blocks from the town square and shopping.

Is your website an accurate reflection of La Paloma?
Yes. We are constantly upgrading to enhance our guest experience. We paint every year and replace things as needed. We share our website images with you from the moment in time when the pictures were taken. When you get here, small things (primarily paint colours) may be slightly different. Look for our exciting changes!



Hola Amigos y Amigas!
We are looking forward to welcoming new and returning guests to our La Paloma Oceanfront Retreat and Art Center on Mexico’s Costalegre in the small town of San Patricio, Melaque, Jalisco.

Please let us know your arrival method, air, driving and bus.
It is important to have your arrival time scheduled with us as we want to make sure someone is here to help with your luggage and to greet and familiarise you with your home in Mexico. Please let us know if you will be anytime after 8pm.

Getting here.
Most of the taxi drivers know where La Paloma is. The airport transportation service from the Manzanillo airport takes about 25 minutes. Taxi tickets are purchased inside the airport terminal, ask what the fare will be to Melaque/San Patricio. You should expect to pay around 550 pesos per couple. Por favor means "please" and Gracias is "thank you." Politeness goes a long way in Mexico. For those arriving at the Melaque bus depot, it is a three minute taxi trip to La Paloma. DO NOT negotiate a return taxi ride to the airport with your airport taxi guy, as they are not allowed to pick up here in town. A return fare to the airport from La Paloma is $380 pesos per cabload. (up to 4 people)

Info to give the taxi driver.
Entrando por la calle principal de Villa Obregon llamada Alvaro Obregon. Seguir derecho hasta llegar casi a la playa y la ultima calle llamada avenida Las Cabañas dar vuelta a la derecha y aproximadamente a 50 metros por la mismo calle, se encuentra un lote baldío y en seguida esta la entrada principal de La Paloma que es una puerta de madera y junta con ella un timbre.

Checkin in... On arrival, You will be taken to your room and given a quick tour of your private residence in Mexico. Our home and property become yours to use and enjoy, and we hope you will. Check in time is after 2pm and before 8pm

Check out. All Rooms checking out are to bring their belongs down to the library or office by 12pm so the girls may enter and have your rooms ready for the next arrivals.

For guests of guests.
We know that many of you have friends staying in the area and we welcome them during the visiting hours of 9am - 10pm. Your friends are welcome to you room and patio areas. Please remember that the pool is for guest use only.

Beach towels.
White room towels are for the rooms only. We have towels for sale in the office or other regular towels available down by the shell bar for beach and pool use.

Is available in your room for a small fee during the winter season. Please inquire for more information. A/C included in summer months.

Like everywhere else you travel, Mexicans appreciate your kindness.
At La Paloma,  our staff who have been here for ages, request if you wish to leave a tip, please leave it in an envelope at the front desk on checkout. 

Please be advised that Mexico is a country of fiestas and social events beyond our responsibility.

We hope you enjoy your stay here with us at La Paloma Oceanfront Retreat. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to let us know. We invite all kinds of feedback.


*** Please note***

Season of Nov - March - is for adults
Season of Apr - August - is for families.
Season of Sept - October - closed for renovations.

Dogs on property - Very Friendly